I must admit, our rookie year as a realty firm was full of down be it as a whole or our individual struggles. Our first year is our “pangangapa year” wherein we just do our thing, not minding our exact destination as a firm. Gusto ra nato mahimong excellent sa atoang industriya.

We go out in our battlefields, bringing with us our courage, expertise, love, and kung unsa pa. We go out each day and meet new people, helping them build houses that they will soon call home. We go out each day and each day is a struggle to sell.

You might be thinking “is that really a down for villocino realty?”, well, the truth is, it is definitely not. This “pangangapa first year” is in fact far from being a downer. Yes, we all experienced rejections and disappointments on our first year. But with these rejections and disappointments are lessons, learnings, and opportunities to sharpen our saw.

Our rookie year gave us a lot of opportunities to meet new people, partner with excellent brands across all industries, and most of all, our first year defined our identity as a real estate brokerage firm.

As we venture on our second year and many more years to come, I wish nothing but more ups. I pray that each and every one of you will go higher on our second year. Mas daghan closed deals, mas daghan clients, mas daghan projects, mas daghan prospects, mas daghan commission, mas daghan kauban sa trabaho, ug kung unsa-unsa pa na gusto ninyo managhan.

CEO, Villocino Realty

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