Monte Verde is the latest residential offering from Sta. Lucia Land that promises new and wonderful memories for your family.

The cool weather in the region also provides coffee aficionados a rare treat, as Digos is a known producer of Civet Coffee, considered to be the rarest and most expensive brew in the world.

When it comes to the outdoors, one of the best places to visit is Camp Sabros, which is five-minutes away from your future home at Monte Verde. Situated at almost 4,000 feet above sea level, Camp Sabros is popular for its zip lines, ranging from 380 to 800 meters. Its remarkable location also what makes horseback riding at Camp Sabros a one-of- a-kind experience, as you will literally be taking on the high road.

HLURB License to Sell: 34052
Project Type: Lot Only
Project Location: Cogon, Digos City
Developer: Sta. Lucia Land Inc.

entrance gate
Concrete road network
Underground storm drainage system
Complete electrical and water system
Multi – purpose Clubhouse
Swimming pool
Basketball Court

Basic Requirements:
1. Residence Certificate or Cedula recent this year
2. TIN – Tax Identification Number (scanned copy of TIN ID or if NONE, please provide us your birth certificate plus SPA for us to get you one)
3. 2pcs – ID picture (1×1 or 2×2)
4. Passport and/or any valid ID
5. Birth certificate/marriage certificate (for married)
6. Waiver of Conjugal rights (with foreign spouse only)
7. Proof of Billing in Philippine residence only, original copy (water or light & power)
8. 24 Post Dated Checks
9. Proof of Billing -2 original/different bills, either water, light, phone bills in your name, if not in your name we will provide you a copy of a Proof of billing certificate for you to fill-out

Major Requirements:
1. Client Registration Form (we provide the form)
2. Buyers Information Sheet ( we provide the form)
3. Reservation Agreement
4. Sample copy of the Special Power of Attorney if you have a trustee here in Davao City
5. Then we will give you the ff: if we already have the Reservation Application.
a. Contract to sell (term payments)
b. Deed of Absolute Sale (spot cash payment)